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Yoga heightens self-awareness and improves breathing and the ability to cope; massage relaxes your body; food affects your well-being.
The combination of these creates balance.

Yoga & meditation therapy is a journey of learning how to become more aware of oneself through the practice of yoga, meditation, nutrition and caring for one’s body.

Through the practice of these disciplines, my aim is for all of my students to be able to create their own environment and learn to cope with whatever life brings our way. Classes go beyond yoga; my aim is to teach a way to ‘live well’.


To live, simply live.

I am certified in socio-cultural animation (Barcelona, Spain) and am a snow sports instructor (Brévet Féderal, Switzerland). Since 2010 I have been rounding out my education with a degree in Psychology while also taking courses to become a Yoga teacher (CYT 100H & RYS 300H), ayurveda therapist (35H, India) and massage therapist (Agâpe 150 H, ASCA, Switzerland).

I have a wealth of experience as a ski teacher and in informal (non academic) child education; I also teach people with disabilities. I earned my certification in Dualski and Tandenmski (2013, Tessier, Switzerland) so that I could teach one of my passions (skiing) to people with disabilities in different parts of the world (Spain, Chile, Argentina, Switzerland, New Zealand …). At the same time I began to pursue yoga and meditation for my personal well-being. I soon realized that yoga helped me to focus, improve my coordination, know my body and, in a nutshell, to become aware of who I am and what I want from life. Little by little I delved deeper and deeper and have now created a unique experience as a teacher and therapist; an experience that I would like to share with all of you, transmitting it in the same way that I experience it in my everyday life.

My goal is to try to blend together all my training, knowledge and experience so as to be able to transmit the art of finding oneself.

“A life not lived is a disease which could prove fatal”